Why is Opting for Mobile Car Valeting Services More Eco-Friendly?

Why is Opting for Mobile Car Valeting Services More Eco-Friendly?

Nicholas Kyprianou

You might be thinking that cleaning your car and bringing back its former lustre can easily be done at home, but have you stopped and thought about how you much water you might be wasting simply by washing your car? Doing so at home could take as much as 150 gallons of water, an amount that could have otherwise been used for other purposes.

If you want to start saving the environment, you can begin by doing away with washing your car at home and trusting mobile car valeting services to do the work for you. Not only will you end up with a cleaner and more lustrous car, but you’re actually doing Mother Nature a favour by opting for services that use less water and fewer pollutants.

Lessening Water Usage

Aside from the amount of water being used, you’re actually putting your community’s water supply at risk when you do your own car cleaning, since the detergents and the soaps (not to mention the other things that might have been scraped off your car) could gradually sink into the ground and pollute your local ground water supply. Contrariwise, touch-less or brush-less car valets would only use an approximate of 35 gallons of water and deliver the same level of cleanliness for your car, and more.

Furthermore, they would usually recycle the water used by reclaiming it at the end of each wash and treating it for the next one. You’re doing the environment a big favour when you opt for services that support and recommend environment-friendly ways to keep your car clean.

Waterless Car Cleaning

If you’re serious about conserving the world’s water supply, you can do away with water completely and opt for a waterless wash and wax offered by car valeting services like All Seasons Valeters. Serving car owners around Croydon and in other areas in London, their waterless wash and wax involves the use of the natural wax known as carnauba.

Carnauba, a product of the Brazilian carnauba tree, has long been regarded as one of the best materials for bringing back a car’s shine, especially since this wax makes the car more resistant to water, protecting its paint job and deepening the shine of the car’s surface. It’s not a temporary solution, however, for the shine coming from carnauba wax can last for a very long time.

Using natural ingredients, coupled with using less water and less harmful chemicals, makes for a more environment-friendly car wash that only some car valeting services can provide. The best part is: you give your car the quality cleansing it deserves.


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