Car Detailing and Visits to the Mechanic: Preparing Your Car for Sale

Car Detailing and Visits to the Mechanic: Preparing Your Car for Sale

Nicholas Kyprianou

You may love your car now, but one day, you might want to sell it. Whether it’s to buy a new model or just to get some cash, selling your car can give your finances a good shot in the arm. Since your car’s used, however, you may have some trouble getting the best price for it. Admittedly, if you’re selling it straight out of your garage in London or Surrey, you may end up with lower than the market price, mainly because the buyer can haggle. To get the best price, it’s recommended to visit a car valeting service for car detailing.

A Visit to the Mechanic

If you’ve kept your car in good condition, a visit to a car detailing shop may seem superfluous. Still, a yearly maintenance check won’t be enough if you want a good price for your ride. You’ll need to make sure the automobile is mechanically sound and in the best condition possible. This puts a stop to your potential buyer’s impression that he’ll have to spend money for replacements and upgrades.

First of all, have the mechanic check the wheels. If the tyre pressure is good and it looks acceptable, then leave it alone. If your wheels seem a bit soft or look faded, have the wheel replaced or pumped with air. The next step is to check the chassis and glass. Any dents and cracks should be repaired. Finally, have the mechanic check the engines, brakes, and other internal components. You’ll want them to be top-notch for your customer’s inspection.

Car Detailing

Now that the mechanical side of things has been handled, it’s time for the cosmetic side. Hire a car detailing service to go over every nook and cranny of your car. The chassis should be shiny and well-polished, as well as the windows and mirrors. Cleaning it on your own may seem like a good idea, but car detailing professionals in Surrey, like All Seasons Valeters, can do the job better.

After the exterior, it’s time for the interior. You’ll want the seats and upholstery to be cleaned, as well as the carpeting. Stains and dirt stick to these particular surfaces. Have the detailers also clean the dashboard; grime from your hands touching the switches and the wheel can be quite off-putting. Finally, ask them to fragrance the interior, as you’ll want the buyer to like how the car smells when he or she sits in it.

Get a Good Deal

With all of these done, you can be ready to present your car to a potential buyer. With some canny negotiating, and a car that looks brand new, you can easily make a good deal.


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