Car Detailing: A Final Clean-Up That Helps Justify Higher Resale Value

Car Detailing: A Final Clean-Up That Helps Justify Higher Resale Value

Nicholas Kyprianou

Whether out of necessity or the desire to upgrade to a much better vehicle, you may have to sell your car sometime in the future. Your ability to bag ample proceeds from the resale will hinge on whether you are able to present interested buyers a vehicle in good condition. According to James Foxall of the Telegraph, sprucing up your vehicle will be worth the cost and effort.

Data from the 2011 Census revealed that nearly 87 per cent of households in Surrey own a car, with ownership pegged at 1.5 vehicles per household on average. You might, therefore, consider selling your vehicle to someone from another locality, such as Bromley or London. Car detailing specialists such as All Seasons Valeters can give your car the kind of lasting sheen inside and out for a presentation that helps justify a much higher resale value.

Under the Bonnet

The engine, above all else, must be in top condition to ensure top performance long after the buyer gets the keys to your car. Consider pulling into the nearest service station for a full tune-up and have the engine checked. Aside from carrying out the necessary oil and fluid change, you might want to compile all maintenance records to spare yourself and the buyer complications down the road. You can then proceed with calling a car detailing provider for the task of restoring the vehicle to a near-spotless condition such that buyers would find it irresistible.

Interior Work

Most prospective buyers want no less than an immaculate vehicle. Your detailing team can be tasked to clean up the carpet and the upholstery, which can include a shampoo and rinse. They can also purge the interior of unpleasant odours and anoint it with scents that excite the senses.

The Outside

Car detailing is a task best carried out in the shade or in a garage with ample space instead of out on the driveway in clear weather, Foxall states. Your preferred cleaning crew should, therefore, have spacious facilities suitable for dressing up the tyres, clearing dirt off the mag rims, and a full wash and wax on the windows and the bodywork.

If you have grown quite fond of your car, it is only fitting to bid it farewell with a proper car detailing service. In addition, your car can fetch a higher price than if you were to sell it as is. Trust a reputable car detailer like All Seasons Valeters to carry out the necessary enhancements to your vehicle for a successful resale.


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