When Mobile Car Valeting Prepares Your Classic Ride for a Car Show

When Mobile Car Valeting Prepares Your Classic Ride for a Car Show

Nicholas Kyprianou

Some people who have the finances to invest in a car collection may have at least one classic vehicle on the list – and enjoy exhibiting it at a car show in their community. Making sure that it stands out at the event, however, requires working to ensure that it sports a sparkling lustre, preferably through a mobile car valeting company.

Showing your prized car to an interested public will be of great interest to many a Londoner. The first-ever London Classic Car Show at ExCeL London in January, 2015 was an outstanding success, with enthusiasm for the second run in February, 2016 currently gathering momentum. If you have a classic car that deserves to be a “dapper-looking chap” on show and on the road again, why not call on specialists such as All Seasons Valeters for the job?

No Spots

wherein typical car shows, the vehicles on exhibit must be at their absolute best. Regardless of whether the event is an indoor or outdoor affair, valeting the car should be done in a covered area to avoid adverse reactions between the cleaning product and UV rays.

It pays to discuss your showcase plans for the car, whether you want to simply exhibit it or make it a showstopper that elates the judges. If it’s the latter case, ask your valeting team to quote you the most comprehensive service package they have. An engine detailing option, for example, is designed to clean up the engine exterior of grime and dust, which will be vital if you ever decide to open the bonnet and show the engine. Even if you don’t intend to open the interior at the event, cleaning the windows will help attendees have a clear glimpse inside.

Why it Works

Hiring a mobile car valeting company like All Seasons Valeters to work on your classic car ahead of an event may have its own advantages. Undergoing a full mobile valeting ahead of an event may work wonders in preserving the vehicle’s condition. It also eliminates the danger of being stolen if it was sent to a physical cleaning facility elsewhere in town. After the valeting session, it can then be towed back to the garage before it is transported to the venue. An article on the Find My Classic Car page also recommends insurance coverage for the vehicle.

The weather and the test of time are not to be taken lightly, especially for show vehicles carefully maintained like prized artefacts over the years. You still want them to be a shining example of your success worth passing down to your loved ones. Have a preferred valeting team from Surrey ready your vehicle for the next car show now.


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