Car Detailing 101: The 3 Types of Electric Buffers Used by Detailers

Car Detailing 101: The 3 Types of Electric Buffers Used by Detailers

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In the car detailing process, one of the most important stages to ensure your car looks nice and shiny is buffing, a polishing method that involves the use of abrasives to smoothen your car’s surfaces. With the proper tools, buffing can help remove scratches and minor scrapes in the paintwork. Herein lies the importance of using the best electric car buffer for the job.

Car Detailing 101 The 3 Types of Electric Buffers Used by Detailers

Electric car buffers help detailers save time since these devices are capable of dozens of rotations per second at a faster pace. There are many types of buffers in a car detailer’s arsenal, each with its own set of functions and benefits. Get to know the three different types:

Rotary Polisher

The rotary polisher is identified by its polishing head that directly fixes to the backing plate onto which a cutting, polishing, or finishing pad is attached. This means that all the motor’s power is directly driving the rotation of the device down onto and across the paintwork. The advantage of this system is that it can deliver quick buffing results because it spins at such a high speed. However, the high speed is not beginner-friendly; too much pressure on the buffer can quickly scrape and burn the paintwork.

Orbital polisher

Compared to rotary polishers, these tend to work at lower speeds and move in a jiggling fashion instead of simply spinning in one direction. The orbital polisher is designed to mimic a person polishing a vehicle by hand, albeit at a faster rate. However, due to their slower speeds, they can prove ineffective against deep scratches and other types of imperfection on the paint finish.

Dual action polishers

This is a hybrid between the rotary and orbital polisher. This means the device is capable of the same oscillating action as an orbital polisher but also allows a polishing pad to spin on its own axis, just like a rotary polisher does. This unique movement offers the best of both rotary and orbital polishers, while doing away with much of their issues and risks.

Professional car detailers in Surrey and London

Electric buffers—especially in the hands of a skilled detailer—can ensure that a car obtains a complete and consistent finish after the waxing. If this is what you’re going for, then it pays to have your car polished by a car detailing service provider like All Seasons Valeters.


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