What Kind of Cleaning Can You Get from Mobile Car Valeting Services?

What Kind of Cleaning Can You Get from Mobile Car Valeting Services?

Nicholas Kyprianou

If you plan to have your car serviced by mobile car valeting companies, it would help to first understand what kind of results you can expect from the pros like All Seasons Valeters.

Having the car washed is quite different to having the car cleaned. While the two words are very similar in meaning, when it comes to car valeting there is a difference! Washing usually refers to just the outside of the car and is a fairly light job. Soap, water, and a cloth are used to wash off the body of the car.

Cleaning Car Interior

Meanwhile, cleaning is much more intensive and likely to take more time. Cleaning almost always includes the interior of the vehicle, with the upholstery being cleaned using appropriate materials. A stiff brush and a vacuum are often employed to lift and remove all the ground-in dirt and debris from the floor mats and carpets. All the hard surfaces are also wiped down. Whether you live in urban London or countrified Surrey, there is plenty of dirt and grime around just waiting to cling to an unwary vehicle.

Do not judge the success of the car valeting by looks alone. Fingers are sensitive to even the tiniest bit of stickiness, debris, or grit – so prevalent when driving on London’s well-subscribed roads – so sweep your fingers gently over the surface of the car to see how thorough the cleaning has been. Do make sure that the car is completely dry first (which a good valet will ensure before saying the vehicle is ready) or you may leave your fingerprints all over the finish.

Polish and wax are not the same product. Polish makes the car’s body shiny and looking as though it is fresh from the showroom, but it is a purely aesthetic product. Wax, on the other hand, does not always change the look of the car, but it adds a layer of waterproof protection. Some waxes do work as a polish too, but this is not guaranteed to always be the case. Driving around Surrey exposes your vehicle to dust and rain–both issues that wax is effective against–keeping the car’s paintwork insulated against the vagaries of wind and weather.

Ensure your valet uses the best cleaning cloths for the job. Microfibre is best for not abrading the car’s paintwork as it pulls debris away from the surface in a way that flatter fibred cloths do not. Chamois’ is also excellent for drying off the vehicle after a wash as they mop up the water without leaving streaks.

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