Mobile Car Valeting: Why Pay Good Money to Have Your Car Washed?

Mobile Car Valeting: Why Pay Good Money to Have Your Car Washed?


The next time you walk out to your car with a bucket of soapy water and sponge to give it its annual wash, think of the guy paying 7,200GBP to have his top of the range Lamborghini or Rolls-Royce valeted.

No matter where you live in the UK, small town or big city like London, car valeting companies can be found everywhere. Yet why should you use a valeting service? Is it really all it’s cracked out to be? What’s wrong with using a bucket of suds, and borrowing the wife’s vacuum for ten minutes, to save some money?

A Car is an Investment:

After a house, a car is probably your second most expensive investment. Your car gets you to work and back, ferries the kids to school, helps you conduct your business, and allows the whole family to travel further afield on those occasional days when you have time off together. Unfortunately, it’s also an investment which begins depreciating the day it rolls out of the showroom. Trying to minimise this depreciation is what professional mobile car valeting is really all about.

Professional Valeting Helps Minimise Depreciation:

Getting your vehicle professionally valeted will help maintain that showroom look for as long as possible. You can also choose from the many packages available depending on your requirements and pocket. The vehicle’s exterior will be washed, waxed, and polished. Paint protective agents against sun damage applied and body sealed. Wheels cleaned, and tyres and other external plastics dressed.

The interior, including boot and engine compartment, receives the same care. Upholstery and carpets vacuumed and cleaned, dashboard washed and dressed, and leather upholstery treated keep it supple. No matter where you live in London you will find car valeting in Croydon, Ealing, Hackney and every other borough. Mobile car valeting in London is also very popular. The valeting service is carried out at your premises, ideal for getting your car cleaned while at work.

Professional car valeting services can help keep your car in showroom condition, minimise depreciation, and increase its resale value. Soapy water and a bucket, just doesn’t crack it.

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