How Mobile Car Valeting in London Can Increase Your Car’s Resale Value

How Mobile Car Valeting in London Can Increase Your Car’s Resale Value


Certain life events can cause a shift in your priorities. No longer can you live the carefree life of a bachelor when you’re married and with kids. Often, in these situations, you think of the future of your family and your decisions are based on what you think would be best for them. Your current car may not be able to provide the needs of your family and so you’ve decided to sell it. Used cars, however, don’t always sell for much. With a little elbow grease and a bit of cleaning though, your car’s resale value will increase through the services of mobile car valeting in London.


Clean on the Outside

The first thing buyers will notice about your car is its exterior. A car with a thick layer of dust settled on the surface, cloudy windows, and muddy tyres that look like they’ve seen better days is bound to get lower offers or not sell at all. You should take your vehicle in for car valeting in Croydon or call for mobile car valeting for a complete package of washing, shampoo, rinse and leather, tyre dressing, exterior window cleaning, polishing, hand waxing, and paintwork. This way, your car will look as shiny and clean as if it were only yesterday when you picked it out of the car dealership.

Tidy on the Inside

It’s not just the outside that potential buyers would like to see. They would also be very interested in seeing the car’s interior from the seats down to the carpets beneath. Car valeting services in London often offer full interior cleaning that typically consist of upholstery cleaning, dusting off the dashboards, carpet cleaning, ashtray/compartment cleaning, odour neutralising, and interior window cleaning. It is important for the car to look well-maintained on the inside too and it must look completely spotless and smell fresh.

Check Under the Hood

Your car might look brand new but if the engine doesn’t, you’ll lose the attention of the prospective buyers. After all, nobody would buy a car that appears like it would stall after a few miles. Make sure that you check under the hood of your car beforehand and make the necessary repairs before you put it up for sale.

When you sell your used car, you must convince the buyer that it has been well taken care of and that it will continue to do its job for years to come. A reliable car valeting service from companies like All Seasons Valeters might just spell the difference between a successful and a failed sale.


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