5 Key Differences Between A Professional Car Detailer And A DIY Cleaning

5 Key Differences Between A Professional Car Detailer And A DIY Cleaning


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying the DIY approach in life. Few things can impress a new girlfriend like fixing the air conditioner or replacing the showerhead. But there are some things in life that should always be left to the professionals. Car detailing is one of those things. You may be able to get a nice shine by washing the car yourself, but there are several strong advantages that come with the professional touch.

Professional Car Detailer1. Preserve Resources

We may not be in the middle of a water shortage at the moment, but it doesn’t mean the next drought isn’t right around the corner. And even if a drought isn’t a primary concern, it’s still a good idea to preserve water when you can. It’s good on your wallet and the environment.

A professional valet service understands it’s not the water doing the hard work. This allows them to use only the precise amount needed to get the job done. There are even some detailing services that don’t rely on water at all. In fact, improper water usage can lead to unsightly spots on the vehicle’s exterior.

2. Save Money

The DIY approach may seem cheaper at first, but that’s only if you disregard the quality of the service. Now, consider investing in all of the latest tools and cleaning products. Chances are, a professional detailing service is going to have access to much better equipment than what’s available at home. If you want the same level of service, then you need to invest more money in more expensive equipment. In the long run, you’ll spend far more money trying to get the same clean at home.

3. Fewer Mistakes

We are all prone to make mistakes at times. However, you’re much less likely to make a mistake when you’re a paid professional working hard at your job. DIY cleaning jobs can get a little reckless. Crack open a few beers while you’re cleaning and you may accidentally scratch the paint or damage a window. If you care for your car and how it looks, then the safer option is to use a reliable detailing service.

4. Less Wasted Time

Most detailing services will employ a full staff of professionals for every vehicle. This allows them to perform multiple tasks at a single time. A professional detailing company can have an entire vehicle finished in the time it takes a single individual to declutter the floorboard and pick up cleaning supplies from the store. Once again, if time is a concern, then save as much of it as possible by using a professional.

5. The Best Service Possible

You may be excellent when it comes to washing your car, but it’s nearly impossible to get the best clean possible without leaving your property. The best possible services require the best cleaning products, the latest tools, and highly-trained staff. These are all things that you can only get from a well-established detailing company.

Let The Professionals Get The Job Done

There’s really no reason to take on this task alone. Using a professional company can save you money and time while reducing the risk for damage and ensuring the cleanest possible vehicle. It’s the best choice for any car owner who cares about their vehicle.

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