Car Paint Protection

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Car Paint Protection

New cars look awesome with their shiny and uniform paint, unspoiled by anything. However, no matter how well you take care of your vehicle, its brilliant colour will fade and will get tiny scratches all over from repeated hand car washes. This may contribute to decreasing the value of a car, should you be willing to sell it at some point. You may think there’s no solution to this problem. In fact, you can get a durable coating over the original paint while the vehicle is still new.

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All Seasons Valeters can offer you such car paint protection services. By applying a durable coating over the perfectly cleaned car will create a barrier against all dirt and water, eliminating the risk of tiny scratches caused by wrong washing techniques. Moreover, we can apply an additional nano ceramic coating which will increase the hardness of the protective coating even more.

Our car paint protection services follow a strict procedure in order to obtain the best results each and every time. The wheels and the tyres are all cleaned inside and out, the door, boot and bonnet shuts are thoroughly cleaned and prepared, the vehicle body is washed by hand, using the two bucket method and the paintwork is further decontaminated with clay bars. This is how we make sure there are no bonded contaminants stuck between the paint and the protective coating. The professional paint sealant is applied uniformly by a special machine. The alloy rims are also protected with sealant in order to prevent brake dust from sticking. All glass is polished on both sides, then a special glass sealant is applied. This sealant plays a protective role, but it also helps improving water and dirt repellency. When the job is done, the vehicle is thoroughly inspected in order to make sure everything is just right. This is how we manage to preserve the high quality of our car paint protection services.

The same services can be applied on used cars, so that you can obtain a better price on the market. In this case, we also execute a multi-stage paint correction process in order to remove as many flaws as possible. This procedure is suitable for correcting scratches caused by improper handling of the car during the washing but also for correcting paintwork that was not done right in the first place.

All Seasons Valeters can help you make your car look like new, regardless its age and its condition. If your car is new, it’s going to maintain the colour glossiness and vividness for a very long time, even in case of bad manipulations. We can complete our treatments in our shop but also at your home, if you wish. Our technicians are very well-trained and knowledgeable. Moreover, they have many years of experience with restoring and protecting car paint, so you can be sure they are going to do an awesome job the in case of your vehicle as well. Just contact us today to obtain a price quotation.

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Car Paint Protection

Car Paint Protection

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