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If you owned a vehicle for a longer period of time, you may have noticed its paint deteriorating in time. Fine lines, light scratches or small dents can make your car look old, thus decreasing its value on the market. All these minor defects can be easily corrected. High quality car paint correction services can make your vehicle regain its glamour. It is an investment rather than a luxury, so you should probably consider it regardless of your further intentions of selling the car or keeping it.

Each time your car gets washed, marks will appear on the paint coat. In time, they will gradually get worse, causing the paint to look dull or even change its colour.

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We at All Seasons Valeters, can help you restore the beauty of your car by applying our award winning technology and coating materials. Our professional car paint correction services start with a careful machine polishing which will remove all swirl marks, tiny scratches and other marks caused by rain water or birds. This technique is also useful for restoring dull paint work to its original condition. In case of very deep scratches, we may need to apply sanding to the affected areas. This will save you some money by not forcing you to re-paint very large surfaces of your car.

Our technological process start with the removal of bigger scratches or imperfections, then we work our way up to the finest scratches and marks. We gradually apply four grades of abrasive paper, starting from 1500 grit, then 2000, 2500 and 3000. This is why our car paint correction services are also capable of removing the so-called “orange peel”, one of the most encountered imperfections caused by a bad paint finish.

Our car paint correction services also include compound, polish and glaze applications. Compound applications have the purpose of removing heavy contamination and oxidisation, as well as some swirl marks and scratches. Polish is less abrasive than compound. It plays a similar role in the process. Unlike compound and polish, a glaze is not abrasive. Its role is to improve the gloss finish by filling in all minor defects on the bodywork surface.

All Seasons Valeters employes only skilled technicians. They are very well-trained on the job, in order to deliver the highest performance standard possible. We have the latest state of the art technology and equipment. This helps us obtain remarkable results each and every time, for all our customers, regardless the condition of their car.

We can provide two main types of services: gloss enhancements and minor corrections. A gloss enhancement includes full decontamination followed by machine polish and application of a protective coating. Minor corrections procedures imply a bigger amount of work, as the process includes more stages. It is usually performed over a two-day period and it is the perfect way of giving back your car its lost youth and beauty. Contact us today for a quote.

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